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The World Without Speaking

In the near future, the world perished by war. The only shelter of surviving humanity, The Dome City, is dominated by a dictator called The Great Leader. The Great Leader said, 'speaking' is the source of all discords and forbids everyone to speak. Instead of speak, people communicate in writing through the terminals given to each one.

The Speakers

But, of course, there are also those who resist this irrational world. They are called The Speakers. They secretly gather people to teach speaking and grow their power. More and more people are becoming the speaker with dissatisfaction with the government due to the gap between the rich and the poor and various social problems. The government is using more coercive measures to counter this.

The Cruel Era

The Dome City is the tiny world. Over 50 years have passed and the population is increasing, but there is no way to expand, and construction is limited only. Building a lot of tall buildings somehow accommodates the population, but the jobs that are scarce are unable to accommodate the growing population, and the unemployment rate is at an annual peak. No matter how coercive it is, people's dissatisfaction is inevitably increasing, and the power of the speakers is growing. Because of this, the government secretly prepares a new plan...



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