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101 Kaime no Approach Shot


Title101 Kaime no Approach Shot
Original title101回目のアプローチショット
DeveloperSanta Fe
PublishersSanta Fe


101-kaime no Approach Shot is a golf game with erotic scenes. The player can choose to play in the training mode, alternating between five courses of various difficulty, and setting the strike limit. The versus mode allows the player to choose one of the many available female opponents of different appearances and professions (e.g. a schoolgirl, a teacher, a nurse, etc.). The game is played from first-person perspective; the player must stop a moving bar at the right time to regulate the strength of the shot and its angle. Having a lower score after four holes makes the opponent undress and assume an erotic pose.


Japanese (1)
1992-03-0718+101 Kaime no Approach Shot

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101 Kaime no Approach Shot

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