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Andromeda Six: Tea Time with Oppo

TitleAndromeda Six: Tea Time with Oppo
DeveloperWanderlust Games
PublishersWanderlust Games
Original game
Andromeda Six


In 'Tea Time with Oppo' you'll play as a new character - an Arcnos, newly arrived in Nos Vega. Your family friend, Oppo, has helped you with the big move, and is kindly showing you around the city.

Having previously lived on the wide, open expanses of Teranium's deserts, the hustle and bustle of the city can either excite or overwhelm you. And then there's the question of Oppo's friends, the ones they seem so fond of.

Oppo keeps a collection of their fondest memories, and they might be willing to share one or two with you... as long as they're not too embarrassing, of course.



2020-09-22Andromeda Six: Tea Time with Oppo

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