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StatusIn development
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DeveloperRoencia Game Creators
PublishersRoencia Game Creators


An ice planet called Iclantia is dying. The civilization inhabiting the planet are highly advanced, but not able to stop the coming catastrophe that will wipe out their civilization. What we know from historians is that in an effort to save their dying planet, the Iclantians created what is known as Comets.

The Iclantians crafted these time capsules of rock and ice, mixed with technology, to form pods to launch into space. Once discovered, the pods open to reveal a treasure within. They contain the heritage of their civilization: From technology, to history, toys, art, and even weapons.

Players find their place in a cluster of suns known as the Rimshot Galaxy. You start in the Remnos system which is home to a variety of alien species. The Remnos system has prospered from the discovery of the comets.


English (2)
2020-06-19AllCrypterion - Pre-Alpha Demo
2020-11-17AllCrypterion - Early Access

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