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[r75135] sf141371 [Safe / Tame (4)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141372 [Safe / Tame (4)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141373 [Safe / Tame (5)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141374 [Explicit / Tame (4)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141375 [Explicit / Tame (6)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141376 [Suggestive / Tame (4)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141377 [Safe / Tame (5)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141378 [Safe / Tame (5)] old flag: Safe
[r75135] sf141379 [Explicit / Tame (6)] old flag: Safe

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It's the not so distant future, after the war of the Corps for data, resources and power. The government decided to give them extraterritorial rights. Every Corp started to expand their territory and forge their own laws. The government's influence declined fast. The rise of the technology, like functioning artificial intelligence, virtual reality and gene editing, and the development of advanced robotics led to a higher standard of life.

The protagonist of "Softlinxxx" just created a new medicine to treat side effects of harsher medical treatments and therapies. As the inventor he becomes more than a VR scientist... he's now a target. But the protagonist isn't an easy one...

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2020-10-1118+Softlinxxx 0.4

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Softlinxxx 0.4

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