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Beyond Your Window

TitleBeyond Your Window
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperTeam SolEtude
PublishersTeam SolEtude
Team SolEtude


Beyond Your Window is a short narrative game divided in 4 different short-stories,
each with an epilogue that changes depending on the players' choices.

While searching for new stories to tell, you look outside your window...
and catch glimpses of other people's lives.
Observing their struggles, you ask yourself what you would do
if it was you living those moments, those situations.
As you immerse yourself in stories filled with love, choices and difficulties,
will you be able to find something to inspire your ideas?



2020-08-28Beyond Your Window
2020-11-03Beyond Your Window 1.1
2020-11-03Beyond Your Window 1.1


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