Chikan Tetsudou ~Tsuugaku Ressha wa Inraku-yuki~


TitleChikan Tetsudou ~Tsuugaku Ressha wa Inraku-yuki~
Original title痴漢鉄道~通学列車は淫落行き~
AliasesGroper Train
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Amber & PINK & Pumpkin


Story is about a man who takes the same jam-packed commuter train to go to work every day.
There are also pretty girls who go to the famous private school for girls who take the same train and secure a certain space in the train.
That makes the train even more crowded and makes him frustrated.
And one day, the frustration and adoration for the two school girls make him move to action.

[from DLsite English]