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Enkaku Sousa -Shinjitsu e no 23 Nichikan-

遠隔捜査 -真実への23日間-

TitleEnkaku Sousa -Shinjitsu e no 23 Nichikan-
Original title遠隔捜査 -真実への23日間-
AliasesRemote Control -23 Days to the Truth-
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A person named Ichiro Shirakawa was murdered in the VIP room of the bar "Light Blue". Kouji Saito, who was drunk at the counter on the day of the incident, was arrested as a suspect. Saito, who claims false charges, decides to work with his attorney, Noriko Shinjou, to gather clues to prove his innocence while in jail. The time limit for prosecution is 23 days, which is the deadline for detention.

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2009-02-0512+Enkaku Sousa -Shinjitsu e no 23 Nichikan-

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Character summary

Saitou KoujiMain character
Voiced by Ono Daisuke
Shinjou NorikoMain character
Voiced by Takeda Hana

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