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Camp Palut

TitleCamp Palut
DeveloperBearly Playing Games
PublishersBearly Playing Games


It's your first time at summer camp, and you're almost a senior in high school. Although you weren't totally thrilled when your parents sent you off, finding out that your three cabin mates are incredibly cute certainly helps to soften the blow.

Explore the camp, enjoying all the activities it has to offer while growing close to a certain special someone.

But there's something puzzling about Camp Palut, and unraveling the mystery is the only way to keep you and your fellow campers safe.

Will you save the day AND get the girl?


English (2)
2020-10-24All agesCamp Palut - Demo
2022-03All agesCamp Palut


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        AmyMain character
        CassieMain character
        NatMain character

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        Camp Palut - Demo

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