Tsuma x Tsuma 3 ~Koko wa Hitozuma Market!~


TitleTsuma x Tsuma 3 ~Koko wa Hitozuma Market!~
Original title人妻×人妻3~ここは人妻まーけっと!~
Publishers Dennou Club & Discovery
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Sakuraba Koutarou has taken over the Sakura Mart since his father passed away due to a traffic accident. He now has to take over Sakura Mart's management and also take care of his young and beautiful mother in law Sakuraba Minato and his little sister Sakuraba Nagisa. The road before him wont be an easy one however since his evil older brother is demanding him to hand over Sakura mart since he has more lucrative plans for that place...

Koutarou has to make Sakura Mart successful as fast as he can...he should fear not as many hot wives will be more than happy to help him and give him some "motivation", including of course his mother and sister!.


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Sakuraba Koutarou桜庭 航太郎 
Hair, Brown
Personality, Kind
Role, Management

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