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Where The Stars Brought Us

TitleWhere The Stars Brought Us
DeveloperEbon Soft
PublishersEbon Soft


What was supposed to be a week long family holiday to Tokyo evolves into many misadventures for Ryo Yung, a boy from Seoul. On his journey he meets Mae, a non-human girl with the magical power to heal. Shortly after meeting her, Ryo's sister, Nam, goes missing. Mae uses this opportunity to join Ryo on his journey to find his sister.

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2020-10-23All agesWhere The Stars Brought Us Demo
2020-10-23All agesWhere The Stars Brought Us Demo
2020-10-23All agesWhere The Stars Brought Us Demo


Full character list

Character summary

Ryo YungProtagonist
Voiced by Jaden Gibson
Dan YungMain character
Voiced by Brayden Raber
Kuro GuroMain character
Voiced by AJ Sealy
MaeMain character
Miss WhanMain character
Voiced by Myllie Myllette
Nam YungMain character
Voiced by Mariel Deluna
Queen MisaMain character
Voiced by Reyna Enriquez
Sun YungMain character
Voiced by Dani Bromlow
Tai MasakiMain character
Voiced by Mark Toole Jr.
Tashiro MasakiMain character
Voiced by David Shew

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