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Call Me Under

TitleCall Me Under
DeveloperLunaris Games
PublishersLunaris Games


"The ocean calls to me, and I think I might answer it..."

Dive into the 1950s and explore an eldritch-horror infested world soaked in dark magic, mystery, and romance. Call Me Under takes place in the mysterious underwater city of Styx, a haven inhabited by humans, sirens, and a host of unknown otherworldly entities.

Play as a choice of two different faceless protagonists from The Surface seeking to leave their past behind and start fresh in a new city, even if it is one only rumored to exist at the bottom of the ocean. They do say there's nothing like a clean slate...

But maybe not if you find yourself thrown into the middle of a brewing fight between the Shadows and the Light; two ancient, otherworldly entities embroiled in a centuries-long battle for power.



2020-11-1417+Call Me Under - Demo
2021-02-1317+Call Me Under - Demo #2
202117+Call Me Under
202117+Call Me Under

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