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Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Leaping School Festival

ときめきメモリアル2 Substories Leaping School Festival

TitleTokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Leaping School Festival
Original titleときめきメモリアル2 Substories Leaping School Festival
Parent story
Tokimeki Memorial 2
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Dancin...
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Memori...


An original set of extra stories set in the TM2 timeline, inspired by the Drama Series from TM1 but with different gameplay.

LSP is set in the fall of the second year of high school. Just one day before the school festival, Mei and Homura banter about who's the better gamer, and the protagonist is caught in the debate. Akane was also there and became involved. The protagonist gets to know their inner feelings and private lives during the school festival.


Japanese (1)
2001-03-29All agesTokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Leaping School Festival
Korean (1)
2018-09-28All agesTokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Leaping School Festival (unofficial patch)


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Akai HomuraMain character
        Voiced by Kumai Motoko
        Hinomoto HikariMain character
        Voiced by Noda Junko
        Ichimonji AkaneMain character
        Voiced by Nomura Mayumi
        Ijuuin MeiMain character
        Voiced by Tamura Yukari
        Asou KasumiSide character
        Voiced by Torii Misa
        Kotobuki MiyukiSide character
        Voiced by Takano Naoko
        Minazuki KotokoSide character
        Voiced by Kosuge Mami
        Sakura KaedekoSide character
        Voiced by Maeda Chiaki
        Shirayuki MihoSide character
        Yae KaoriSide character
        Voiced by Murai Kazusa

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