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Venus: Improbable Dream

TitleVenus: Improbable Dream
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


Kakeru Akane is not your average 17 year old. Thanks to a disfigurement he gained at birth, he spends his days struggling with social anxiety and wishing to be invisible.

Everything changes for him when he's placed into the after school music club, in an attempt to coax him out of his shell. It's here that he meets Haruka Fujiwara, a disabled girl with a shy disposition, and a gift for music. As the two of them begin to connect, Kakeru remembers what it's like to yearn for friends, to be confident in himself, and most importantly, to have a dream.

Will Kakeru be able to truly face his inner fears once and for all, and achieve something he never thought possible? That’s up to you!



English (2)
2020-09-07Venus: Improbable Dream - Demo
2021-03-19Venus: Improbable Dream

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