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Deux Chaleurs

TitleDeux Chaleurs
AliasesTheir warmth


In a little town, in the middle of nowhere, where nothing much ever happens, lives Curtis, along with his brother.
The two of them lived in relative peace, living off their jobs at the local newspaper, chronicling the daily non-events of their little city.
Until one day, where numerous peculiar incidents enter Curtis's life, from mysterious corpses, to odd individuals gifted with prodigious strength, and who use genderless pronouns...
He will also meet two strange persons, a bulky man, perpetually adorning a gas mask, who calls himself The Highwayman, and a young woman with blinding bangs, called Nowa, who is on the run from her family.
With the help of these two unexpected companions, Curtis will unravel the numerous mysteries surrounding the Lacroix Family.


French (1)
TBADeux Chaleurs


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