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Orc Running Club

TitleOrc Running Club
DeveloperDeevil & PauPerish
PublishersDeevil & PauPerish


Welcome to Orcwood!
You've just moved to Orcwood, the historical capital of orcish empire. Even though the walls dividing races and nations have long since been torn down, orcs still cherish this heritage site. It's a fresh new town for you and the first time you're in a community filled with orcs. Being a half-orc, it'll be interesting to no longer feel like the odd man out. You hope!

You've moved into the YMOA (Young Male Orcs Association) because it's cheap and you're having a harder time finding a job than you imagined you would. However, your new roommate Hokulk has been keeping you entertained and encouraged. He's a great guy, if a little scary sometimes.

You've decided that you'd like to meet some new people when you see a poster for an Orc Running Club that's going to be meeting every morning at the YMOA entrance. Here you'll meet some new friends. Maybe it'll turn into more?

Will you find love? casual sex? a job? That's up to you.



English (1)
2020-11-2918+Orc Running Club - Demo


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