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v2981.242021-02-19 at 20:05poudinkInfinityInfinity Cure now has its own page.
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v2981.222019-08-22 at 10:28YorhelInfinityNo need for original title here.
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v2981.202018-11-24 at 18:14anonymousInfinitypatently untrue
v2981.192018-07-26 at 10:39nekonekogirlInfinitystaff
v2981.182018-04-04 at 21:33alexandraidvInfinityDoesn't have its own separate WP article anymore (and hasn't in years)
v2981.172018-04-04 at 21:25ionrae87InfinityAdded staff
v2981.162017-08-31 at 04:25ionrae87InfinityAdded staff.
v2981.152017-05-02 at 16:03ionrae87InfinityAdded staff.
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v2981.122015-07-31 at 00:20xmshoInfinityminor fix
v2981.112015-07-30 at 18:18xmshoInfinity"append story" as it's mentioned inside Never7.
v2981.102015-07-30 at 18:09xmshoInfinityCorrect route information about Infinity and Infinity Cure..
v2981.92015-03-05 at 04:38wakaranaiInfinitylink credits him with real name. besides, if alias exists in database it should be used in credit in place of a name, not added as a note.
v2981.82015-03-03 at 22:47varioInfinityAdded artist, scenario and composer. Also seiyuu.
v2981.72015-02-02 at 12:01myouInfinityadded nakazawa
v2981.62012-05-10 at 21:11gundamaceInfinityEdited a mistranslation.
v2981.52011-03-05 at 14:43nekonekogirlInfinityAdded Wiki link and more complete description.
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v2981.12009-12-04 at 20:14lossInfinityadding new item (I wonder why did we missed it).