Edit history of WTC : Relentless Protagonist

v29896.172022-10-18 at 19:28triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated staff
v29896.162022-09-29 at 03:13trickzzterWTC : Relentless ProtagonistReleased
v29896.152022-09-22 at 16:11triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated screenshot
v29896.142022-09-22 at 16:02triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated screenshots
v29896.132022-08-29 at 13:55EzezinWTC : Relentless ProtagonistDescription source.
v29896.122022-08-19 at 19:48triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistNew screenshots
v29896.112022-08-19 at 15:48Marc402WTC : Relentless ProtagonistScreenshot resolution doesn't match release resolution, see d2#6
v29896.102022-08-19 at 15:32triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistAdded demo screenshots
v29896.92022-07-11 at 20:39molesterWTC : Relentless ProtagonistReverted to revision v29896.7
v29896.82022-07-11 at 20:13DaruFleerofPssyWTC : Relentless ProtagonistReverted to revision v29896.6
v29896.72022-07-11 at 19:57triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated details
v29896.62022-03-15 at 18:55triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistUpdated image
v29896.52021-12-26 at 02:36EzezinWTC : Relentless ProtagonistImages from TBA releases should not be added.
v29896.42021-12-25 at 18:59Marc402WTC : Relentless ProtagonistInconsistent screenshot resolutions and most of them don't match the release resolution
v29896.32021-02-03 at 12:28triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistAdded image
v29896.22020-12-21 at 11:49triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistAdded screenshots
v29896.12020-12-21 at 11:42triorityWTC : Relentless ProtagonistAdded entry