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A Marble's Muse

TitleA Marble's Muse
DeveloperKristi Jimenez
PublishersKristi Jimenez


In the small country of Liliana, lays Clarke, an artist who just so happens to be a marble. They're having some trouble, you see. They're facing the worst thing that can happen to a creative: artist's block. Following the footsteps of their favorite artists, they're out on the town to find a muse! That's where you come in! It's your job to guide Clarke to their next muse and maybe even help them find love along the way. Will you make Clarke's next piece the best portrait Liliana has ever seen or will they continue be stuck with their artist's block?


2020-12-23All agesA Marble's Muse - Demo
2021A Marble's Muse


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  • M.GUI
  • Artist
  • M.GUI

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