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The Haunting of Lunaris

TitleThe Haunting of Lunaris
AliasesWTNC Halloween Special
DeveloperLunaris Games
PublishersLunaris Games
Original game
When the Night Comes


Eight mini-stories for you to sink your teeth into on this fine All Hallow's Eve. Isn't the aim of every great party to get home as quickly as possible? If so, you'll fit right in here in Lunaris!



English (2)
2020-11-0117+The Haunting of Lunaris
2021-08-0617+When the Night Comes

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Character summary

Alkar CassianMain character
Augustus WillenheimMain character
Ezra LyonMain character
Finnegan KazimirMain character
Omen MorningstarMain character
Piper MerimanMain character

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The Haunting of Lunaris

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