Edit history of Drapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUS

v30029.62021-02-28 at 09:55shinnewDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUSd2#6 "At least half of the images should be actual screenshots of the game. That is, they should include character sprites or some form of dialog or
v30029.52021-02-27 at 18:41jobforabrokeboiDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUSAdded description/screenshots
v30029.42021-01-10 at 22:22karaage115Drapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUSRemoved Screenshots not in native resolution.
v30029.32021-01-10 at 08:22mikuxdriftDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE + PLUSadded screenshots and img cover. -copy pasta some staff credits from v28634
v30029.22021-01-08 at 07:41multiDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE+PLUSReverse relation update caused by revision v28634.14
v30029.12021-01-08 at 07:33mikuxdriftDrapri Guu-ta-life LOVE+PLUS+1 visual novel. -added temporary image. - incomplete staff credits for now. (coz i will check the ED again.) Note: this was made to separate r76