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Sakura MMO Extra

TitleSakura MMO Extra
DeveloperWinged Cloud
PublishersWinged Cloud
Winged Cloud
Sakura MMO 3


Several months have passed since Viola and her ragtag party saved the realm of Asaph from impending destruction. Now left with little else to do, Viola whiles away her time accepting quests from the guild in Lynton, but none of them pose a challenge.

Viola's life in Asaph might be perfect, what with her harem of cute girls to dote on her, but it's also perfectly boring.

Dissatisfied with a lack of strong enemies to fight, Viola turns her attention to a business proposal brokered by Lynton's guild mistress, Maidie. Maidie plans to start up a maid café in Lynton, and she wants Viola, Neve, Fion, and Eleri to lend her a helping hand!

Viola agrees to her offer, despite Neve's nay-saying, and a brand new chapter of Viola's life in Asaph begins. Join Viola as she works as a maid, choose which member of her harem to dote upon, and watch her embark upon a brand new adventure.

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2021-01-11Sakura MMO Extra
2021-01-12Sakura MMO Extra - Uncensored Patch (patch)
2021-01-11Sakura MMO Extra
2021-01-12Sakura MMO Extra - Uncensored Patch (patch)

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BonnieMain character
EleriMain character
FionMain character
HollyMain character
MaidieMain character
NeveMain character

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