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Buddy Mission BOND

バディミッション BOND

TitleBuddy Mission BOND
Original titleバディミッション BOND
DeveloperKoei Tecmo
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Close in on the truth with your partner.

Luke, a police officer aiming to become a hero like his late foster father had dreamed, and Aaron, the “Phantom Thief Beast” whose total damages are said to amount to several hundred billion. A strange encounter will greatly change their fate… This is the story of teamwork—and at times disparity—between dependable partners, the mystery of Luke’s father’s death, and a fiery friendship that confronts an earthshaking conspiracy.

The story is set on Mikagura Island, the metropolis for international show business. To fight against the criminal syndicate “DISCARD” operating in the shadows, four people each with their own intentions come together to form an undercover investigation team. That team’s name is “BOND.” It consists of the police officer Luke (voiced by Ryouhei Kimura), Phantom Thief Beast Aaron (voiced by Takashi Kondo), vivacious ninja of many loves Mokuma (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa), and cool-headed swindler Chesley (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa). Will you be able to uncover the truth on this island swelled with light and darkness?

The game’s key feature is forming a team of two buddies to investigate and infiltrate. Choose two out of the four team BOND members and switch up partners often while solving the problems that block your path forward. Verifying the traits of each BOND member, and being able to properly investigate with the appropriate members is the key to obtaining information. Depending on the information you obtain, the route when you infiltrate the enemy’s hideout will change. It is important to think about and choose the optimal buddy for the job.

Character designs are handled by Yusuke Murata, who is known for Eyeshield 21, One-Punch Man, and more. The game incorporates comic-like presentations during story and dialogue developments, allowing players to enjoy a digital comic-style story.

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Mini reviews

By yukinaime on 2021-03-26Vote: 9
<report>Really glad that I played it. The 3D gameplay parts are a bit weak but there few of them, and the whole plot really feels well put together. While there a lot of stories about the how important companionship is, there few that put a actual work in making the releationship between the characters having this weight in the resolution. Luke/Aaron and Mokuma/Chesley are the main pairs and their stories together are amazingly touching, but all BOND members have interesting interactions between them. Sure, a very memorable cast where every member feels important. Strong recommendation if you aren't used to read complex japanese text, the thing feels more like a manga than a VN, so the text is not that hard, and the pacing is also more dynamic than most of the VNs.

Full reviews

By meirin on 2021-02-07r77116Vote: 7.5
<report>It has been a while since Nintendo decided to delve into the visual novel/adventure genre, but thanks to Koei and Ruby Party here we are. Right after seeing its debut trailer I just couldn't wait to see what this completely unexpected first party game was going to be about, and after giving it a playthrough I have to say, I'm indeed pleasantly surprised.

The story the game has to tell is in my opinion a really enjoyable one. While some of the story beats were quite predictable the game still manages to deliver a plenty of heartfelt and memorable scenes. The star of the show is of course none other than the four main characters. They had great chemistry between them thanks to their... Read more »