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Oh Mai Tiara: The Road For Love

TitleOh Mai Tiara: The Road For Love


Determined to not spend a single day away from his love, Nobu infiltrates an all-girls summer school to be with Tiara. To do this, he does something unthinkable: becoming a girl.

While blending in, he meets Izumi, Tiara's older sister, who keeps an eye on her at all times. If that wasn't enough, Nobu notices how Tiara befriends Emi, a reserved dark-haired girl who's attracted to Tiara and her flirtatious personality.

Nobu must juggle his secret life of pretending to be a girl with his real identity in a desperate attempt to make Tiara fall in love with him. Follow Nobu and his misadventures to conquer the girl of his dreams!

Who said that love was easy?



2021-01-21Oh Mai Tiara: The Road For Love - Demo

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