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Eternal Winter

TitleEternal Winter
DeveloperAbyss Team
PublishersAbyss Team


The Eternal Winter.

This was the name of the curse that killed the heirs of the Esternian Empire, whose heartlessness and cruelty were known far and wide. The bearer of the curse would be born with a small fragment of ice near their heart. As they grew older, the ice would slowly encroach upon their heart and encase it until they die. Although the age of death varies, none of them made it past their 20th year.

And so, the Esternian Empire met its doom and was replaced by another ruling family.

One day, the Estern family’s last descendant and bearer of the curse discovered a possible way to break it. But can she believe in a solution derived from a long-lost fairy tale? Is 'true love' the answer to her family's long-lasting predicament? And if it is, will she ever learn to truly love someone?



English (2)
2020-12-31Eternal Winter - Early Demo
2021-04-02Eternal Winter - IntRenAiMo Demo


  • Character design
  • AdhyliaMain Characters Sprite Artist (Concept)
  • AzuremiaSide Characters Sprite Artist
  • YuukiPuddingMain Characters Sprite Artist (Line Art, Colouring)

Full character list

Character summary

Lumine EsternProtagonist
Aster TevinterMain character
Voiced by Jazzy Oliver
LeoMain character
Voiced by Josh Portillo
Yoru AnMain character
Voiced by Sam Winters
Argent Regis VieiraSide character
Voiced by Jared Scott
BrahmiSide character
Chancellor SeptimSide character
Voiced by Vincent Fabbri
Chione Cryas SamirSide character
Voiced by Nathalie Ferare
Voiced by Red Aller
Therese RomanaSide character
Voiced by Katie Otten
Yuei AnSide character
Voiced by Walter Mack
Yuna AnSide character
Voiced by Shakyra Dunn

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