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Tai Zhongguo de Di Zhi Shaonü


Tai Zhongguo de Di Zhi Shaonü
Taichuukoku no Mikado Kiji Shoujo
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperErotes Studio
PublishersErotes Studio & Sinical Network


Wang Cheng-En is just an ordinary pharmacist without being on the forefront in cutting-edge technology.At first, he works in Taipei, but he is forced to return to his hometown in Miaoli Empirebecause Taiwan has split into multiple small states after the Age of Great Independence years ago.

On his way back to his hometown, he comes across a mysterious animal girl - the leopard catgirl Pisuka,and he joins forces with her to resist the oppressive Miaoli emperor.After a series of events filled with danger, the two of them flee Miaoli Empireto follow Cheng-En's long-lost sister, Mika, to their next destination - Taichung State.

What awaits them in the theocratic state of Taichung?

[From Steam]

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