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Space Paws

TitleSpace Paws
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperTaifun Riders
PublishersTaifun Riders


Space Paws is a hybrid between visual novel and point'n'click adventure game where our main character should explore new planets to find a new home for mankind. There you'll be able to meet sexy furry girls that you'll have to convince to somehow, give you permission to make humanity grow in their planet.
You won't be alone because Alison - you human partner - and your robot E-Millio are with you in the spaceship.



2020-08-1418+Space Paws

Full character list

Character summary

AlisonMain character
NebetMain character
RoselynMain character
SiarenMain character
Vyl DaemithMain character
AmberSide character
E-MillioSide character
GunterSide character
MaxSide character
ZaphirusSide character
ZirkonSide character

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Space Paws

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