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Kagura Reimeiki ~Keika no Shou~

神楽黎明記 ~桂香の章~

Kagura Reimeiki ~Keika no Shou~Explicit / Tame (14)
6 covers
神楽黎明記 ~桂香の章~
Kagura Reimeiki ~Keika no Shou~
Dawn of Kagura: Keika's Story
Shen Le Liming Ji ~Keika Zhi Zhang~
Shen Le Liming Ji ~Keika Zhi Zhang~
AliasesReimeiki 17
Play timeShort (3h from 2 votes)
DeveloperDebo no Su Seisakusho
PublishersDebo no Su Seisakusho
Debo no Su Seisakusho & Shiravune
Shares characters

Natsu Kagura

Same series

Kagura Reimeiki ~Natsu no Shou~

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When Keika receives a request to vanquish youkai, her younger sister, Hatsuka, is already out on another quest. Determined to set a good example for her less disciplined sibling, who often fails to show up to training, Keika visits the village Shinto priest who made the request. This priest tells her of a giant monkey youkai who has led other youkai on a rampage in and around his village. She confidently accepts the request alone, believing that her powers as a priestess would help overcome them...

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