Hokenshitsu no Sensei ~Onedari Bakunyuu Lesson~

保健室の先生 ~おねだり爆乳レッスン~

TitleHokenshitsu no Sensei ~Onedari Bakunyuu Lesson~
Original title保健室の先生 ~おねだり爆乳レッスン~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMomo Hina
Publishers Hina Soft


A new sick-room teacher, Nanami, comes to my school. Yes, she is very beautiful and has big breasts. Also, she likes to have sex. One day, I have sex with her in the school sick-room.... And after sex she says to me, "You can come here anytime you want." On the other hand, my classroom teacher, Yuko, is severe to me. One day, I am told to stay and study at school after school. There are only me and her in the classroom.... And she notices my dick being erected.... Like this, my sex life with two teachers starts....

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