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Venona: A Cold War Affair

TitleVenona: A Cold War Affair
DeveloperJess Andz
PublishersJess Andz


Venona: A Cold War Affair is a narrative-driven rhythm game in which you play as a young codebreaker embarking on a risky affair in the paranoid atmosphere of post-WWII Washington. As you learn information so sensitive that it's even kept from the president, true intimacy becomes an increasingly difficult challenge--and so does choosing where your loyalty lies.

Play as Francine Pesca, a young woman with a mind for numbers and a love of music, as she leaves her small town, travels to Washington, and meets a charming stranger.



English (1)
2021-01-03All agesVenona: A Cold War Affair


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Character summary

Francine PescaProtagonist
Bill KuzmichMain character
Leontine NowakMain character
Ted GallagherMain character

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Venona: A Cold War Affair

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