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Séance: Spectral Noise

TitleSéance: Spectral Noise
DeveloperMoon Moth Games
PublishersMoon Moth Games


A group of recent high school graduates get more than they bargained for when they enlist the services of Zarah, a wandering spirit medium known as The Planespeaker. Zarah's paranormal specialty is the Séance: an occult ritual in which the dead are polled for truth, comfort, and guidance.

What begins as an inquiry into the death of their friend soon spirals into a massive conspiracy that threatens to engulf the sleepy port town of Beacon's Bluff. The truth is buried deep, but with guile, resolve, and a little magic, it may yet see the light of day.

With the cards stacked against them, it'll take a cunning spirit to steer our heroes in the right direction.


2021-02-01All agesSéance: Spectral Noise Demo

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