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Yakuza Cats

Yakuza Cats
DeveloperBivium Game Studio
PublishersBivium Game Studio


Tsukiko, a black cat that was abandoned in an alley as a baby and adopted by Mitsuo, a Yakuza leader. It is a coming of age story that puts the player through different ethical choices while tackling themes such as identity and prejudice.The game begins 18 years later after a tragic murder forces Tsukiko (the player) to dig deep into the underground community of Tokyo, rise on the Yakuza power ladder and figure out the mystery of his origin all while trying to protect his family and his integrity on the way.

[From Steam]

Cats 2.5 ADV 2.0 Furry 2.0 Murder Mystery 2.0 Yakuza 2.0


English (2)
2020-09-12Yakuza Cats - Demo (Alpha v2.0)
TBAYakuza Cats

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