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Kiss Upload

TitleKiss Upload
DeveloperRoxiano Creations
PublishersRoxiano Creations


Kiss Upload is a futuristic-themed romance visual novel. It features four involved story paths with even more outcomes.

You play as Tobias, who begins the story in present time, living a below-average life on his own. After receiving a flyer from the owner of an innovative company, Tobias decides to participate in a life-changing science experiment which would land him 500 years in the future. That is, if all goes according to plan.

In Kiss Upload, you can choose between three female and one male love interest. Each are connected to various sides of a conflict. Will you take the side of the FBI? Or will you side with a robotics engineer who calls herself a mad scientist? Maybe you’ll fall for a cute robot. The choice is yours.

[From Steam]


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2020-11-09Kiss Upload Demo
2021Kiss Upload

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