Dungeon Crusaderz ~Tales of Demon Eater~

ダンジョンクルセイダーズ~TALES OF DEMON EATER~

Dungeon Crusaderz ~Tales of Demon Eater~
TitleDungeon Crusaderz ~Tales of Demon Eater~
Original titleダンジョンクルセイダーズ~TALES OF DEMON EATER~
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperAtelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT
Publishers Atelier Kaguya & IXIA
Shares characters
Magical Witch Academy ~Boku to Sensei...
Dungeon Crusaderz 2 ~Eigou no Rakudo~


Cliff, who is possessed by "Devil Power", is on a journey with Cecilia, who is also possessed by "Devil Soul". Their destination is Rouleburg, a fortress city. There is a treasure they look for in a huge basement dungeon under Rouleburg. Cliff wants it to get "Devil Power", and Cecilia needs it to remove "Devil Soul". They meet various girls along the way, at a bar or a shop, and the adventure to the basement dungeon starts now....

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Cliff Vangard
Cliff Vangardクリフ・ヴァーンガルド 
Hair, Brown, Eye Covering
Eyes, Brown

Main characters

Side characters

Georg Rouleburg
Georg Rouleburgゲオルグ=ルーレブルグ 
Hair, Beard, White
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Robe
Role, Father
Voiced byMatsuridai!
Wesley Bergman
Wesley Bergmanウェズレイ=バーグマン 
Hair, Red, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Red
Clothes, Cloak, Plate Armor
Voiced byMatsuridai!