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The title is a conjunction of "Menhera (メンヘラ)", which is a JP contraction of "mental health", and "Rafflesia" (a flower).
Title (romaji)Menhera Fresia Flowering AbyssMenherafflesia Flowering Abyss

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Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss

メンヘラフレシア フラワリングアビス

TitleMenherafflesia Flowering Abyss
Original titleメンヘラフレシア フラワリングアビス
PublishersFar East Studio
Alternative version




Japanese (4)
2021-06-2518+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - iOS Edition
2021-06-2518+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Steam Edition
2021-06-2518+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Android Edition
202118+Menherafflesia Flowering Abyss - Nintendo Switch Edition

Full character list

Character summary

Ayume DaffodilMain character
Voiced by Sukoya Kana
Matsuri JasmineMain character
Voiced by Nakahara Mai
Mihomi HydrangeaMain character
Voiced by Tanaka Aimi
Moeko IvyMain character
Voiced by Serizawa Yuu
Nenene AnemoneMain character
Voiced by Momosuzu Nene

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