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Lovely Overseer

TitleLovely Overseer
DeveloperFurry Tale
PublishersFurry Tale


You are a young lieutenant overseeing the correction of magically talented individuals in the closed and isolated complex of the military Academy. Your main task is to maintain order and train recruits under the supervision of your mistress, Neoma. Will you have time for privacy and romance, or will you blindly obey the witch?

Subordinate recruits to you have outstanding magical abilities that exceed your own potential, so you must be extremely careful with them - in moments of stress they completely lose control of their magic.

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English (5)
2020-06-27Lovely Overseer Demo
2021-04-12Lovely Overseer
2021-04-1218+Lovely Overseer - 18+ DLC (patch)
2021-04-1618+Lovely Overseer - 18+ Edition
2021Lovely Overseer - Physical Edition

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Lovely Overseer Demo

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