Elfin Rose ~Toraware no San Koujo~


TitleElfin Rose ~Toraware no San Koujo~
Original titleエルフィン・ローズ~囚われの三皇女~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperBlue Gale
Publishers AiCherry & Blue Gale


The main character used to be a general in Saarland empire. But he raped an emperor's mistress and he was shunted off to a kindgom in the backwoods. He is the titular king now and lives a boring life. One day, a mysterious carriage falls over the cliff and there are several soldiers around the carriage. His troop fights against them and beats them up. He looks into the carriage and finds beautiful sisters. He takes them to his castle and his life with the sisters starts....

[From Himeya Shop]