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At Eve's Wake

TitleAt Eve's Wake
DeveloperSugar Rush Studios
PublishersSugar Rush Studios


At Eve's Wake is an interactive horror story inspired by Lovecraft's work about surviving a family you never knew and uncovering their sinister practices. Will you embrace them or rid humanity of their taint? Your actions will shape your fate and that of the family.


Raised by your mother, you’ve never known your family. Her sudden passing left you with many questions she never answered you: Why can’t I remember my family? Why did she split with the family? What happened to my father?

Until that letter arrived; your grandmother had passed away. Here you are now, letter in hand, before the gates of the family estate. At what should be just a funeral and nothing more.

Soon you realize why your mother left, as you are thrown into a gauntlet of fire — for a new successor must come. The time for Convergence has begun...

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English (2)
2020-10-28At Eve's Wake Demo
2021-10-26At Eve's Wake

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At Eve's Wake

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