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Under The Blue Sky

TitleUnder The Blue Sky
DeveloperZS Studios
PublishersZS Studios


When you are sacked from your previous job, you lose everything, your apartment, bank-balance and the lifestyle you were used to up until now. Without any means of subsistence and in a dire need to save money, you move to a dilapidated apartment complex, but life isn’t easy in that place, especially when a guy who lives in the same apartment complex is hell-bent on making your life miserable with his sharp tongue and bovine nature.

Your best friend, Yui brings you good news about a job opening in a well-known group of companies, following her advice; you apply for the job and secure a position for yourself.

Once you join the company you uncover very dark secrets which involve the boss and his underlings. You begin suspecting the boss when he targets you with his sexual harassment, eventually you find out his true motives.



English (4)
2020-05-04Under The Blue Sky: Aito's Route - Demo
2020-05-04Under The Blue Sky: Aito's Route
2020-05-0612+Under The Blue Sky - Demo
2020-05-0616+Under The Blue Sky: Aito's Route

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