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Grimms Notes


Grimms Notes
AliasesGrimms Notes Repage, グリムノーツ Repage
Play timeVery long (> 50 hours)
PublishersSquare Enix
LinksWikipedia (en), Wikipedia (ja), Wikidata, VGMdb, IGDB, Lutris
Related anime[DB-ANN] Grimms Notes the Animation (TV Series, 2019)


People receive a book when they are born. A play that includes all about their world, meaning of life, and destiny. It's called Book of Fate, which people use to follow the stories narrated by a Storyteller. They portray and act out the roles written in the book from their birth, until their death.

The story follows the adventures of Ex and his friends (whose Books of Fate are completely blank) through various fairy tale worlds in order to defeat the Fortem Cult, a mysterious organization that seeks to free people from whatever pre-written fate the Storytellers had in mind for them.

The game was originally an online game whose service ended in June 17, 2020. This offline version was re-released with its gameplay system removed, but all of its cutscenes were made available to read.


Japanese (1)
2016-01-0612+Grimms Notes


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Oosaka Ryouta
Voiced by Chiba Shouya
Alicia QuixanoMain character
Voiced by Uchiyama Yumi
AdahMain character
Voiced by Fujii Yukiyo
Elena WylltMain character
Voiced by Ichinose Kana
CurlyMain character
Voiced by Uesaka Sumire
ClovisMain character
Voiced by Kawanishi Kengo
ThirdMain character
Voiced by Izawa Shiori
ShaneMain character
Voiced by Kubota Miyu
TaoMain character
Voiced by Eguchi Takuya
TimMain character
Voiced by Ono Yuuki
PanMain character
Voiced by Hatano Wataru
FamMain character
Voiced by Serizawa Yuu
HecateMain character
Voiced by Taichi You
ReinaMain character
Voiced by Ueda Reina
LokiMain character
Goddess CuvelierMain character
Voiced by Tange Sakura
Chaos MarieSide character
Voiced by Miyamoto Kanako
Magic MirrorSide character
Voiced by Oowada Hitomi

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Grimms Notes

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