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Heir to Love & Lies

Heir to Love & LiesSafe / Tame (13)
Heir to Love & Lies
AliasesWho Killed La Dama Roja?
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperNix Hydra Games
PublishersNix Hydra Games


You inherit $16.8 Million dollars, and a cast of townspeople who make you feel more at home than ever. Only, one of them killed your grandmother and you must figure out who it is.

After grandmother's passing, you leave the U.S. for the family coffee plantation in rural Colombia only to find out that she may have been murdered. As the only living heir to the estate, decide how to manage the large inheritance. Upon arrival, you fall in love with the lavish farm, and the striking cast of locals. But on the first night you receive an anonymous letter with a haunting threat, and you wonder Who Killed La Dama Roja?

You must descend into a web of lies and criminal activity that plagues this rural oasis. After collecting a long series of clues and solving the mystery—you will face a shocking final choice with both their life and love on the line.