Baldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~


Baldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~
TitleBaldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~
Original titleBALDRHEAD~武装金融外伝~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperTeam Baldrhead
Publishers Giga
Same setting
Baldr Fist
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It's the future where the technology is being over-used and at the same time conflicts between countries and religion occur which causes a loss in theory and technology. The world is now in corrupted towns with ruins of ancient technology everywhere. The story takes place in future Japan,and the hero of the game is an ex-mercenary called Bloody Baldy who earns his living by being an armament banker...

Baldrhead is a linear adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements.

Main characters

Mae Louis
Mae Louisメイ・ルイス 
Hair, Pink
Eyes, Brown
Nina Cougar
Nina Cougarニィナ・クーガー 
Voiced byJuri Tsubasa
Rita Derushia
Rita Derushiaリタ・デルーシア 
Voiced byTanaka Ryouko