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Saishuu Densha


TitleSaishuu Densha
Original title最終電車
DeveloperVisit & Break
Same setting
19:03 Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha
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Saishuu Densha is a first person adventure game that begins when a business man arrives at the train station at midnight and he's just in time to catch the last train of the day, as soon as he boards the train he met a woman (that is a teacher) that is also in his wagon, soon they realise that the train is not stopping in the train stations and that their wagon's door is locked, they manage to open it and go through the next wagon when they find a young kid alone.
They decided to go the next wagon and there they see some kind of liquid in the floor and when they are going to take a closer look the liquid take form of some kind of horror creature that attacks them, they escape to the previous wagon and realise that for sure this will be the most dangerous trip that they will have in their lives and wonder if they could surivive that night.

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Japanese (4)
1998-02-26Saishuu Densha
1999-11-02Saishuu Densha - Low Price Edition
2001-11-01Saishuu Densha - Low Price Edition [Rerelease]
2002-04-25Saishuu Densha


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Saishuu Densha

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