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Misaki Aggressive!


TitleMisaki Aggressive!
Original titleみさきアグレッシヴ!
DeveloperZero System
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Yuzuriha Misaki is the heir to a martial arts dojo, but she has always ignored it and lived her life as a normal day. However, one day her grandfather became the dojo's instructor and noticed its dwindling attendance. "If nothing changes, the dojo will close!". And thus, her grandfather has a radical idea: transferring her to Shirayuri Gakuen, a school with a strong martial arts focus, and orders her to become the strongest if she wants to get her normal life back. And thus begins Misaki's battle for the top, in order to become a normal girl again!


Japanese (1)
1998-07-23Misaki Aggressive!


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              Character summary

              Yuzuriha MisakiProtagonist
              Voiced by Minami Omi
              Amakusa KirikoMain character
              Voiced by Asano Mayumi
              Asaka MoeMain character
              Voiced by Natsuki Rio
              Hagakure NagiMain character
              Voiced by Kanai Mika
              Hikawa MikiMain character
              Kiryuu AyanoMain character
              Voiced by Hiramatsu Akiko
              Voiced by Nagasawa Miki
              Saeki HitomiMain character
              Voiced by Yoshida Konami
              Yang LeihuaMain character
              Voiced by Koorogi Satomi

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