Roshutsu Ningyou ~Hazukashisa ni Furueru Shoujo~


TitleRoshutsu Ningyou ~Hazukashisa ni Furueru Shoujo~
Original title露出人形~恥ずかしさに震える少女~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Delta


Yusuke is a rookie teacher. He is, however, teased by Rin, a female student from a rich family, every day. One day, he meets Kasumi, a strange girl, and receives a book. The book you can control other people's behaviors.... Just to confirm, he tries it to Yukari, his co-worker, and it all goes well. "This isn't a fake!" He immediately decides to use it to Rin.... He makes her do various indecent behaviors such as masturbating during class and sexually assaulting at school.... She gradually feels pleasure to be controlled, "Humiliation is pleasure!" Well, what will happen to Yusuke and Rin in the end...?

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Main characters

Voiced byKasuga An
Okimoto Yukari
Okimoto Yukari沖本 柚香利 
Voiced byShibuya Hime
Saionji Rin
Saionji Rin西園寺 燐 
Voiced bySakura Momoka

Side characters

Hoshizuka Makoto
Hoshizuka Makoto星塚 誠 
Mitarai Kiyoshi
Mitarai Kiyoshi御手洗 清