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Dimlight Cafe

TitleDimlight Cafe
DeveloperCelestea Productions
PublishersCelestea Productions


As the Guiding Star, you’ve always watched over Pharandel, laughed and cried and worried with the mortals and dragons as they warred and made peace. When a miasma starts to consume Pharandel bringing chaos with it, you wish you could be closer, you wish for a way to make them happy. And your wish comes true in an unexpected way: you fall from the sky.

You meet a cynical mystic elf who grants you a mortal body: at a price. They give you six moons’ time to prove that you can make the mortals of Pharandel happy: you must fill a crystal with pure happiness, or they’ll consume you to replenish their magic!

And so your quest begins. Your journey to heal the mortals’ hearts brings you to Dimlight Café: a sorely under-appreciated establishment, run by a diverse group of six dragons. You decide to stay and make it your mission to make the crew happy, and so, for the coming six moons, you get entangled in the fate of the café, the crew and the creatures that patron the place. And it’s when people in need stumble into the Café and the Dimlight family slowly grows, that you realize this is where you belong.

Will you manage to fulfill your wish of making the world of Pharandel happier? Can you free them from the suffocating unhappiness, and avoid being consumed by the mystic elf? And will you find your own happiness along the way?



English (1)
2021-04-01Dimlight Cafe - Demo

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