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The Witchling Marjolaine

The Witchling MarjolaineSafe / Tame (14)
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The Witchling Marjolaine
Play timeVery short (30m from 2 votes)
DeveloperUnfinished Circl
PublishersUnfinished Circl


One lazy morning an old man wanders into a witch's shop. The young witch Marjolaine greets him at the counter.

The old man produces a box which he claims to contain his heart, and asks for it to be delivered.

The store's owner, the wise Madame Odette, refuses to do business with the man, but a revelation leads the apprentice to accept the request, even if it is against her master's wishes.

With nothing but a picture to go on, The Witchling heads out into the city.


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Safe / Tame (8)

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The Witchling Marjolaine