Imohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~


Imohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~
TitleImohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~
Original titleいもほり~お兄ちゃんの奮闘記!~
DeveloperTake Out
PublishersTake Out


Main character is half-engaged with another university student, but for formal engagement he needs her father's approval. Alas, father went on a business trip for a week. Protagonist wants to take advantage of his fiance at the winter vacations, so he is limited in time. He decides to live this week at their house. But he could not foresee all the seduction attempts from the members of the family...

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2004-03-2618+Imohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~
2005-02-1818+Minyo x Imo
2007-11-0318+Imohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~ Download Edition


  • Vocals
  • Kaibara ElenaTheme song "Aishiteru Brother! Neratte Sister!"
  • Vocals
  • Kaibara ElenaTheme song "Aishiteru Brother! Neratte Sister!"

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    Character summary

    ProtagonistTaira Hiroshi
    Main characterYonekura Eruka
    Voiced by Moegi Yui
    Main characterYonekura Nami
    Voiced by Ayase Yuu
    Main characterYonekura Ruri
    Voiced by Kusunoki Suzune
    Main characterYonekura Satomi
    Voiced by Fukumoto Kohiro
    Main characterYonekura Shizuru
    Voiced by Misaki Rina

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