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Kaiju Noir

TitleKaiju Noir


Deep beneath the surface of the earth the monsters of ancient times live in a city of stone and corruption. Unwelcome in the light of the sun, they exist in a world shaped by their experiences with humanity but never to be part of it.

In this city of ever-night you take on the role of Detective Caribaras, private investigator of New Monstropolis, as they and their assistant Alixorus struggle to keep their agency running. Until a new client arrives, bringing with her a case that could either lead to wealth, or a watery grave.

Kaiju Noir is a piece of queer pulp fiction tale of giant monsters in a world rebuilt in humanity's image, for better or worse. Mysteries, corruption, & deception abound in this twisted city of stone.



English (2)
2020-10-23Kaiju Noir - Demo
2021-10-2415+Kaiju Noir


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