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OoeSafe / Tame (14)
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


A commemoration for the second anniversary of an actress’s death is being held on Ooejima, a remote island beyond Hachijoujima, south of Tokyo. Oosaki, a detective, receives a request to attend the ceremony on someone’s behalf.

However, the ship meant to bring them back fails to show up at the appointed hour, no one has heard a thing from the coordinator of the event, and there seems to be an inexplicable fear and hatred between all of the attendees.

Stranded on an ominous island, ten people try to unravel the mystery of the threads weaving their past and the death of the actress named An Ooe.

An unconventional mystery set in the Showa era with a Japanese twist on the classic closed circle literary device.

It is the year 1955, mid-showa period. An era characterised by chaotic sentiments, with traces of war still visible. The attendees, accompanied by doubts and their devotion to An Ooe, come to the memorial service in an abandoned village. They manage to overcome the barriers of status and spend their time in harmony. However, the situation changes when the servant who helped them until then is found dead. Driven by extreme suspicion, they start to search for the murderer, but this is followed by a second and third crime...

Attendees = All Criminals = Love Interests.

All nine attendees can be pursued, including the servant, who’s the first to meet an unnatural death. In each route, the focus lies on solving the mystery and romance. The number of attendees who can be pursued increases as you pass through the prologue, and more options and profiles are added each time you clear the game. Enjoy this classic detective fiction while indulging in the perverse pleasure of being deceived by those you believe in.

[Translated from the official website.]


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    Character summary

    Voiced by Rin Seirin
    ShijoumaeMain character
    Voiced by Kuzai Tsubasa
    ShimbashiMain character
    Voiced by Sumeragi Mikado
    HinodeMain character
    AriakeMain character
    Shiodome MichioMain character
    Voiced by Sarutobi Souji
    TakeshibaMain character
    Voiced by Ouka Tayu
    Funeno KureichirouMain character
    Voiced by Kuki Masaru
    ToyosuMain character
    Voiced by Kuroki Hideo
    AomiMain character
    Voiced by Amano Haru
    Daiba ShizumaSide character
    Voiced by Kawamura Masato
    Shinagawa ZakuroSide character
    Shinkiba JinzaSide character

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